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Knowledge about the human body and the special acupuncture points that are helpful in bringing the desired results are required to be learn first when it comes to learning how acupuncture works.

Available to be purchased are the many standard acupuncture body charts which help in identifying the acupuncture points on the front and back of the human body and also name and locations of the meridians.

The fourteen major meridians including corresponding acupuncture points must be accurately provided in an acupuncture body chart.

Types of Acupuncture Body Charts

Acupuncture charts diagrams the various meridian conduits and the acupuncture point locations and not to explain how to insert needle into the body.

The existing different acupuncture points also match up some specific body parts as well as body function or disorder requiring treatment as shown in the acupuncture body charts.

Charts for the ear, foot, head and stomach are common in many charts. These charts are to be used as visual aid and as a supplement for the literature available on healing by means of acupuncture.

One of the many types of acupuncture charts available is the acupuncture meridians chart, which locates the main acupuncture meridians spot.

However, make sure to obtain the updated charts that include various details if you plan to purchase acupuncture body charts.

A number of acupuncture body charts can be bought in sets that are divided into areas of acupuncture points all over the body, such as the back, neck, front, back and lateral sides of the human body including the trunk of the body and various other parts of the human anatomy.

What will help you comprehend how natural changes within your body and outside environment affect your health is the five element chart according to the five element theory.

These five elements are the earth, wood, fire, metal and water while the five element chart shows the relation among those specific aspects of your body and mind.

Several meridian wall charts are also available for clinical or classroom use. Make sure to search for charts that have pictures and location of points, and a list of each point with the appropriate Chinese name and indications, as well as the five element correspondences, when looking for acupuncture meridian wall charts,.

There are gallbladder charts that contain Chinese hand acupuncture points for headaches, as well as heart, liver and stomach charts in addition to the typical meridian acupuncture body chart.

It may be worth your while to research the particular associated meridian and acupuncture points if you are interested in healing a particular ailment and then get the suitable chart to assist you in healing session.


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